Dress Code

Dress Code

Golf Course

Recognised golf shirts with collars. No football shirts or tee shirts. Tailored shorts suitable for golf. No sports/football/gym/swimming shorts. We have no rule regarding length or colour of socks with shorts. Recognised Golf shoes with either metal or soft spikes. No denim jeans or tracksuits on the golf course.

Mobile phones must be on silent or switched off.


No baseball caps or beanies to be worn in the clubhouse. Footwear must be worn in the Clubhouse but no spiked or soft spiked golf shoes. Smart Jeans are acceptable in the Clubhouse.

Our Expectations on the Golf Course


We don’t need you to be the world’s greatest golfer to play here at Sandford but in order for you to have fun and not infringe on anyone else having fun we need you to be able to do the following:

Have an understanding of golf etiquette and how to care for the course. Be able to get around the course in good time (approx. 2 hours for 9 holes or 4 hours for 18 holes when playing in a 3 ball) Although we don’t ask for handicap certificates we do expect you to be able to attain a certain level to be able to get around the course in good time.

Pace of Play

Be ready to play your next shot. Do your best to keep up with the group in front of you. If you are holding up the group behind please let them play through. If approached by our professional staff or starters please take on board their advice.

Ensure you are on the tee 5 minutes before your start time.

Care of the Golf Course

Please leave the course as you would wish to find it. Replace divots. Use the divot boxes on the tees. Repair any pitch marks on the greens. Rake bunkers after use and only enter and exit a bunker from the rear. Keep trollies and buggies off the fringes and approaches of greens.

On Course Advice

All yardages are to the centre of the green 150 yard markers are green posts to the side of the fairway. 100 yard markers are yellow plates in the fairway.

Pin Position System: Red flag = front, Yellow flag = middle, White flag = back. Men's general play from Yellow tees.

Please shout FORE if you hit a wayward shot